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Let’s try again

I started this blog some months ago in the attempt to have somewhere to blah blah blah about things. However, in the spirit of progress I need to change the original purpose and just chat about things I now find interesting, fun and sometimes damn right silly!

So bare with me as I get myself organised and act together!


Heart over head

I need a new car due to a variety of circumstances.

Ok- maybe need is a bit strong but with all those great deals around one should really take advantage of it now. See it as my contribution to giving the economy a kick start.

To continue this celebration of single-dom and on the brink of 40  I am looking at convertibles!   I have booked appointments with two different car dealers of which one is a test drive with alfa spider. Oh what a beautiful car it is!   I have read many reviews stating that is exactly what it is- beautiful but not very functional.

But I think if you can  manage it then every one should at least once own a car chosen by heart rather than head.

Wish me luck as I plan to negotiate the best deal between to car dealers 😉

Viva la Creme!

I usually purchase your run of the mill beauty products, nothing fancy, not very pricey but just enough to keep up the beauty routine.

Today everything changed!

In support of my current self improvement regime, which comes sporadically!, I purchased the Rolls Royce of cream. The gift from the sea: Creme de La Mer.

I reckoned I deserve a little pampering as I nervously handed the smallest size tub to the polished beautician. I held a poker face as the total is read out to me and I handed over my credit card. Of course I ALWAYS use this cream, darling!

When I got home I removed the tub from the its square box just to find the smallest of spoons in the bottom.

I nervously read the instructions and went about cleaning my face. So as to get the ful benefit of my first attempt. I carefully dipped the little spoon in the Miracle cream and rubbed it between my fingers to activate the special broth.

After application I studied my face carefully in the mirror…yes, the lines did appear less!

Viva la Creme!

I think I am a customer forever as I eased the tub into a drawer overflowing with other inferior miracle tubs.