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No I am no Julia et Julie

In this first installment of my bi-weekly or bi-monthly update (you pick) I thought I’d first do a write-up of some of the happenings at chez GlitterUSA.

Baking and related disasters

For the past fortnight I have been rather unsuccessfully trying to bake the perfect banana bread or something which resembles.

Partly because it reminds me of being home (1000s odd miles from here) and partly because I am currently suffering from the worst attack of sweet tooth in the history of my glittery existence!Everything I try results in a flat, gooy-eee lump black-burned (on top) lump which bares nothing of a resemblance to one of my gran’s many cullinary successes.

This is what I have done to date without any success

  • replaced self raising flour to normal flour
  • bought 2 new pots of baking soda just in case previously used batches were out-of-date
  • moved the pan around the oven just in case of a “cold spot”
  • bought a new baking pan
  • ensured that dry ingredients are carefully sifted before being rest of ingredients are carefully folded in
  • increased the baking time and lowering the oven temperature
  • composed an ode to the gods of baking

I think it is safe to say I have tried it all. however, I have not given up and hope that my next updates will be written with a nice, thick slice of banana bread with melting butter, next to me. I shall prevail!

  • No not my banana bread but instead what I aspire to create